Hill Training – The 4 Hills off Yonge

Never having done any hill training prior to my halfs or marathons, I decided that I should give it the ol’ college try.  Situated near my home, I could think of no better location than the four hills that spout from the chasm at Yonge & York Mills.

One word sums up hill training:  Intense.

I slow jogged it to the bottom of the hills where, armed with my GPS, decided to attack each hill one at a time, tempo speed, running hard only on the elevations.

Hill #1 – On York Mills, East towards Bayview – This is the steepest, yet shortest of the 4.  Approx 400m.

Hill #2 – On Wilson, West towards Bathurst – Arguably the longest, and most constant slope.  Approx 600m.

Hill #3 – On Yonge, South towards Lawrence – The hill actually goes from Mill st. to the lights at the top – Approx 600m

Hill #4 – On Yonge, North towards Sheppard – two distances.  200m, then 500m to the 401.

Needless to say, I could not sustain tempo speed for the full distance of any of the hills, but it felt exhilarating to push my heart into maximum heart rate limits.

I will try to incorporate this training methodology once every two weeks.  They say that “intensity cannot replace mileage”, so I suppose that hill training is secondary to LSD’s and tempo runs.

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