A big mistake…

Of wise decisions I could make, running another 10k the day after running 15k was probably not the best idea (http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3807635) …  but I had promised my sister that I would help her run her 10k lsd this week, and I couldn’t let her down. Besides, I’m a little more athletic than her, and I have experience under my belt…. Big mistake, what I didn’t take into account was the youngest (super athlete) joining us on our run. All the sudden our slow casual run had become a game of keep up with the youngest sister. Right off the bat I felt the effects of the run just a day before, my legs ached with each step, and my calves burned and felt like they were ready to cramp up. No matter, I just needed to get the blood flowing, hit my stride then it’ll be ok, that how us old people work right? no… 4km it was only worse, in my mind I was ready to give up, but there’s no way I’d let my sisters beat me! jog jog jog… as we pass some store fronts, I notices that my gait has become slow and sluggish, it looks as if each step I take is done so with excruciating pain (I now know how Cat felt the day before). As we hit lights, Megan (youngest one) is bouncy waiting for the light to change so she can get going, Nicole is lightly jogging to keep he cardio up, and I “look like I wanna die, silently cursing to my sisters for making me do this run” At around 6k Megan hits her stride, and takes off on us, Nicole starts to slow down a little, which is a much welcome rest after the past 7km of pain. The rest helps a ton, and I hit my second wind, I see Megan not too far in the distance, and think to myself, hmmm I think I can catch her. So I start to speed up a little, but then also notice that Nicole is starting to fade back… Since this run was for me to help her on her LSD’s I kybosh the catch up attempt and keep a slow and steady pace to keep Nicky up with me…. She says to me…”How the heck is Megan going so fast!?!” I laugh…. we finally hit Yonge again, and the home stretch, Nicky looks like she’s dying, she’s happy that at this point she’s run her 10k and accomplished her goal… at this point Megan is a tiny speck in the distance, I can see she’s doing extra distance just to tire herself out…. all while Nicky and I are suffering like crazy.

We finally arrive home, with our mom yelling out the window at us to get in and eat dinner, cause she’s starved! So are we = )

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  1. Posted by flimbs on June 14, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    There are marathon trainers out there that say, you gotta train quite a bit every week…to put in mileage.

    “Once you got used to running 10 miles 6 times a week, add a long run once a week. Start with 12 miles, and keep increasing its length until it becomes 20. Again, remember the principle of gradual adaptation. Do not increase the length faster than you can handle it. Pay particular attention to your body signals at this point to avoid injury.”


    This guy is pretty nuts…

    Anyways, buck up! We actually only ran 13.5km the other day. lol


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