Hot Weather Running is Just Uncool…

My decision to do outdoor lunchtime workouts now needs to be carefully scrutinized based on the weather condition at the time.  The 12pm heat typically does not bode well for runners.  Yesterday was no different.

I thought it would’ve been different though.  In the morning, it was extremely gloomy with heavy rain.  However, by lunch hour it really cleared up and was looking nice.  Just before I get changed to run outside, I normally stick my head out for a few seconds to prepare myself for what’s coming, but that area is well shaded so it can be deceiving.  

It turned out to be sunny, hot, humid, and……HOT.  After 3km of a brisk pace, I was exhausted.  Thanks goodness I had my water bottle.   I almost felt like stopping every km up until my finish of 8km cause the heat was unbearable.  The heat from the weather compounded with the body overheating from the running was just too much.  A headband would’ve been nice to drench up the sweat.  No more lunchtime runs at that temperature!  I’ve heard of elite marathon runners with bags of ice strapped to their chest before a marathon so that they don’t overheat.

An addendum: I biked to Oakville later that day, and although the distance was much greater, the heat wasn’t so bad as there was a constant breeze cooling you off at those speeds.  I passed by many good restaurants that I think Donald has probably already blogged about.  Apache burger, Thai restaurants, Bombay Bhel…and to my surprise, I saw another Pho Dau Bo on Dundas.


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