LSD + Hydration Pack = Great!

After copious amounts of research and sports store hopping, I finally settled on a hydration pack.

I was this close to going with the Camelbak Rogue (2.0L) at $90, as opposed to the skinnier Camelbak classic (1.5L) at $70, but after scouring through the racks at MEC, I dug up a great find with the Deuter Race X at $56.00.  It has plenty of space to carry the essentials, and I like the build quality.  Buying the bag separately from the bladder allowed me the option to buy a larger 3.0L camelbak water bladder for $35.  The way I see it, I can still fill it up to 2.0L if I want to have a lighter pack and still have the option of more.

Here’s the story of my inaugural run with the waterpack:

The route:

I didn’t plan on going far, so I eyeballed the bladder and filled it up to a decent volume.  I didn’t know how I would feel with the bag while running so I didn’t want to weigh myself down too much from the get go.

It was hot all day, so I chose to leave late 9pm on Sunday, hoping for better running conditions.  Turns out that I was reaching for the drinking tube very often, showing that it was still rather hot.  As this was an LSD, I tried to jog at a slow pace, and I slowed down to walk every so often.  I kept my stopwatch running the whole time instead of stopping it with each break.

I found the waterpack to be very comfortable to run with, with minimal bounce, and the drinking tube was so easy to drink from.  Each initial sip would be as warm as the temperature was, but the following water from the reservoir was nice and chilled.  I found the waist belt to be riding up too high across my belly, but I guess that can’t be helped as it is a smaller pack.

The only issue I have is with the way the tube hangs, so I have to find a way to finagle with it so that it doesn’t flap around as I run.  Andrea’s North Face system was equipped with a magnet attachment, which looks to be very practical.

When I made it to the entrance of Edwards Gardens along Lawrence, I was witness to a raccoon getting hit by an SUV, which kinda shook me up.

It was getting kinda dark by now, and by the time I got deep into the woods, my depth perception was all but nullified.  I was running virtually blind and every uneven bump on my path made my legs wobble.  I was about 12km by now, and my legs were starting to feel it.  Even though this was an LSD, I couldn’t help but run faster than I should’ve, as it was nearing 11pm and I had to work the next day.

I finally reached the street-lit area at Leslie & Eglinton, and it was time to beeline home.  My shirt was drenched with sweat, and my pack was hydrating me very consistently.  However…

All was going well until I hit 18km at Leslie & Sheppard – I went for a drink of water to prepare for the steep hill that lay ahead, but instead, all I got was opposing suction.  I WAS OUT OF WATER!!!  To top it off, I was still at the bottom of the chasm.  Screwed.

My legs were already sore, and without water to oil my joints, I was up the creek without a paddle.  I walked the rest of the way home.  I should have filled up the bladder more, knowing the conditions.  Hindsight.  It’s still 20/20.  In the end, the reason for the run was so squeeze in an LSD as well as try out how it feels to run with a water backpack.  It’s thumbs up all the way.

Things to remember for next time

  • Always carry the essentials: cell phone, tokens, food, gels.
  • It’s better to carry too much water than not enough.
  • Start the run earlier so you’re not so rushed to finish.
  • Work on increasing lactate threshold.  Lactic acid sucks.

Walking home really sucked, as it was about 5.0+ km to go back.  Even though I stopped by Bayview Village tennis club to freshen up (yes, they were still open at that time!…I used to work there when I was younger), I was in no mental shape to run any further.  It probably took me 45 minutes to walk home on sore legs.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Walks home after failed LSDs are the worst!

    How do we get emails whenever there’s a post?


  2. Posted by Jason on July 8, 2010 at 1:46 am

    I think it’s somewhere in the ‘settings’, wherever it is. Look for it! You’re not a n00b… >=)


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