…here in London.  Which may have been the primary cause of my LSD demise.  My anticipated goal this weekend was 22-25km so as to taper down from my longer run two weekends ago.  Alas, there were too many factors working against me this weekend.

I struggled to make it to the first km.  I walked.  The second km.  I walked.  The third km.  I walked.  The fourth km.  I walked.  The fifth km.  I walked.  I wasn’t even 1/4 of the way to my planned distance and I was already hauling ass.  Now I know why I warm up so much before real races, as the elites do, because my legs need to get warm before they’re working at peak efficiency.  By the sixth km I was starting to feel better.  It was none other than my tired legs that were holding me back.  I took the first half of my GU gel at 7km and I managed to make it to 9km without walking.  It kicked in at that point, and I was happy that my body was starting to come alive.  It was no where near a solid run, but at least I was getting out of the funk.

The night before, I was given the floor to sleep on, in a sleeping bag atop a thin area carpet situated on top of hardwood flooring.  My back was aching throughout the night and I hopped onto the leather sofa at around 2am.  I finally got in touch with my fiance at 3am to make sure that she was ok, and at 4am, she called me back to tell me that she made it home.  I was utterly exhausted.  The sleeping bag provided little ventilation as well, so I was constantly covering up due to chills, and opening up the bag due to cold sweats.  Sleeping in a new and foreign setting takes a toll on your physical self.

I rolled out of bed at a late 9 a.m. and managed to get myself on the road in short time, as I wanted to avoid the afternoon sun.  I managed only to scarf down a peach right before I left, so I’m afraid that the lack of digested food really did me in as well. 

London has a really nice path that runs along a river, and my friend is fortunate to live so close to it.  It’s not as nice as the Rideau in Ottawa, but it’s nice enough.  Although I was lucky that I was protected by an overcast sky, the humidity compounded with the proximity to the lake made it yet another hellish and hot run.

The city of London is very small, especially through the eyes of any Torontonian.  I ended my run in St. Catherine’s Cathedral park, where they have a very nice ‘Queen’s Park’ish circular path that allows you to do nice intervals.  Seeing as how it was the end of my run, I decided to try as the professionals do, and run one final kilometer at my best pace, so as to utilize fast-twich muscles that I had not been using this whole time.  I wasn’t even able to get under 4:00:00.  WTF??  Damn elites!

In the end, I knocked out a paisely 17km, a sizeable chunk of it was probably due to walking.  Let it never be said that a good night’s sleep has no affect on performance.

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  1. Posted by marathonnewb on August 16, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    I have a similar story related to our run yesterday!
    I’ll definitely post it as soon as I can.


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